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The Rhode Ranch is situated in the most highly productive valley in McMullen County and whose neighboring ranches comprise a Whos Who in the world of growing huge South Texas deer. Lee Wheelers San Cajo Ranch, The Dougherty Ranch, The Riser Ranch, La Campana Ranch and the Encino Ranch are notable neighbors. It has been said that due to the extreme fertility of this valley that everything from livestock to deer to even rattlesnakes grow larger here! 

Nestled in between several of the famed Devils Water Hole Mountains that stretch out for approximately 14 miles, this ranch was established in 1901 and has only changed ownership one time since!

The owners have practiced a high degree of land stewardship always trying to improve the native habitat to best suit the needs of the wildlife as well as for prime cattle grazing. A rare opportunity is here to own a part of one of the most tightly held ranches in South Texas.


The Rhode Ranch name carries weight in the hunting world. If you have hunted or spent time in South Texas, you have more than likely heard of the Rhode Ranch of McMullen County.  Intensive breeding and tools such as the DMP Program have transformed this ranch into The Ultimate hunting destination of our region. Huge bucks roam the landscape sporting racks scoring sometimes in excess of 280! These are deer born on the ranch and carrying genetics based on the native deer herd the Rhode Ranch is famous for.

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